PUZZLE: Can you Circle 3 Numbers?

PUZZLE: Can you Circle 3 Numbers?

Jul 07


There is a little trick to this puzzle.


Answer: 12 + 6 + 1 = 19. Note that the puzzle didn’t ask for three digits to be circled!
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  1. Brian Iverson

    There is a 2nd answer. Circle the 1 & 6 – reading from bottom up it is the number 16. Then add a circle around the 1 & a 2. 16+2+1=19.

  2. Jeff Shultis

    Listen, if you circle 3 numbers, you circle 3 numbers, not 4 numbers with 3 circles. If you want to ask the right question, ask “Can you make 3 circles to make up a total of 19?”.
    This is badly worded, and I am offended by it. Besides who reads “12” when 1 is above the 2? Put the 1 & 2 side by side, that makes sense.

    • admin

      Hopefully you were not really offended by this..
      But to your point and to my reply earlier on your other comment – we have stopped doing puzzles like this with word trickery. There are a million out there that we do not post. This was one of our earlier, if not our earliest.

      We now post stuff that if someone actually thought about logically they can come up with the answer. Almost all of our recent stuff has been pretty solid.

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