What are the House Numbers?

What are the House Numbers?

Mar 08

House Riddle


  • Marshall lives in House no.36
  • Robin lives in House no.4
  • Barney lives in House no.9
  • Lily lives in House no.35
  • Lyndsy lives in House no.24


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  1. Brian Iverson

    The grammar is confusing/wrong. It should say Ted-Mosby’s five friends. And “…live in same road”??? Who lives in a road? “Below equation hold true.” What? It should read one of the equations is true. Initially thought all the equations were true. And most importantly you do not show how a person would calculate the correct answer other than hit and miss guessing. Boo.

  2. Jeff Shultis

    The grammar is horrible. It is very confusing as 2A does NOT equal E, However the other 2 statements are true.
    Instead, you could say E equals D – C ; and A equals B*C
    If you find the prime factors of 1260, they are 2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 7. From this you could figure out the rest. But this is nonsense, as it is written. (See Brian’s comment). This math riddle is definitely a “BOMB”!
    P.S. Who the heck is Tom-Mosby, and who cares??

    • admin

      As you can see this was one of our earlier puzzles when we were just launching the site. We had someone working with us who’s native language was not English. Quality has improved by leaps and bounds. We didn’t want to remove this post or change it as a tribute to the intern that helped us out.