Which Barrel Has Beer?

Which Barrel Has Beer?

Mar 01

Barrel bain teasers


The merchant sold x gallons to one customer and 2x gallons to the other. That means that he has sold 3X gallons of wine in total. If you remove the gallon that has beer, the remaining barrels have to be able to be divided by 3.



Knowing that one shopper got 2X and the other 1X, with X being gallons of wine you can figure everything out.

If the Beer is in the

  • 15 Gallons Barrel – there are 104 gallons of Wine left
  • 16 Gallons Barrel – there are 103 gallons of Wine left
  • 18 Gallons Barrel – there are 101 gallons of Wine left
  • 19 Gallons Barrel – there are 100 gallons of Wine left
  • 20 Gallons Barrel – there are 99 gallons of Wine left
  • 31 Gallons Barrel – there are 88 gallons of Wine left

The only equation that works is 99 gallons of wine left because it can be divided by 3 evenly. (3X) = 99. X = 33 Shopper 1 went home with 33 Gallons of Wine (15 gallon and 18 gallon) Shopper 2 Went home with 66 Gallons (16 gallon, 19 gallon, and 31 gallon) and the merchant kept the 20 Gallon beer for himself.


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